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Woho Music Production

Woho & Kalendar Band

Woho & Kalendar Band on stage!

Kanazawa Oktoberfest CM

Woho & Kalendar Band Performance

Video Slide photo Show

Yodel, Yodel, Yodel.......!

Let´s enjoy and dance!

Woho & Kalendar Band let´s sing!

Schwarze Natasha

Hey Donkey!!

Stand by me!

Sing together

Let´s Dance with Woho & Kalendar Band

Ein Prosit

Let´s Schunkel

Woho appearing at the ELT music video!

Woho & Kalendar Band with Adeline the " Ku Ku Yodel "

Woho & Kalendar Band Erzherzog Yodel Adeline

Woho plays classic

Halli Hallo..........

Strauß Medley

Woho & Kalendar Band, Everybody singing together

" Schatzi, Schatzi "  Music by Woho! Lyrics by Roy & Peter